Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Solo Igloo Camping: A how-to series on winter camping


nwsisu said...

Hey I got here from the link on your YouTube channel.
I am not into canoeing, but I love Igloo camping. Done it a couple times. But last year my winter-camping buddies didn't want to do it, so ended up not going either.
This year my son might be interested so hopefully it will work out.
I will watch your youtube videos when I get a chance (very busy at the moment)

Juha@nwsisu (Northwest Sisu Outdoors)

John Henry Goico said...
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Anonymous said...

I thought I would try to contact you here, as I saw your post on Debbi's 320 living blog and wanted to let you know I also have a tiny house built by the same builder of hers, which is Slabtown Customs. We towed it out here to the Seattle area a yr ago this past Nov. I think you could tow a tiny house to Canada just fine. There were a few changes needed to the tiny house, due to the weather here in WA state. You can see my tiny home on my blog.

Muskrat Jim said...

Hey Martin! I just tried your link to "Magnetic Declination Calculator" and it's broken.... :(

PineMartyn said...

Thanks Jim. I haven't had to use that site in a while because my compass hasn't had to be reset since I last used it. I'll see if I can find another link for that.
My thanks for pointing out the problem.
- martin