Sunday, June 1, 2008

1st: A New Leaf

I've never been the type to keep a diary or journal but have always admired those who keep good detailed logs of their canoe trips. There are just so many good memories of places, sights and things done on a canoe trip which begin to blur together in one's mind when trying to look back on these trips.

Where was that campsite that had all the delicious wild blueberries? Was that spectacular waterfall where Ilana took a shower and where I nearly fell and broke the camera before or after the long, steep portage into Copper Lake? Has it actually rained on
every trip we've taken with Liz and Joe or does it just feel that way?

So, with a view to remedying that, I've decided to keep more accurate tripping notes, take more photos, and publish the logs here as a record of our trips. For those who enjoy reading about other people's paddling days, enjoy!

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